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Ayubowan !

Ayurveda is not just a medical system that treats diseases, it is a way of life entrenched on various philosophies and guiding principles. The Kadahapola Ayurvedic Treatment Center was established by (name of owner ) in 1948 at Kadahapola, Narammala Sri Lanka. At present, we provide Ayurvedic services for a healthy and better life with our treatment centers, outlets, and an Ayurvedic manufacturing factory. Most of the herbs and natural ingredients we use are grown in our herbal gardens, the quality of which is tested by several layers, and the high-quality end products are delivered to our worldwide clients.

Why Kadahapola Ayurvedic Products?

In Sri Lanka ayurveda medicine is based on the country’s centuries old treasure trove of indigenous knowledge base, natural environment and cultural repertory. According to archeological evidence, human civilization dates back 30,000 years. Kadahapola Ayurveda is committed to provide innovative, safe and effective products for our consumers to enjoy a healthy life. We are a research & treatment based  company, driven by the challenging and inspiring corporate philosophy of fusing the wisdom of Ayurveda and other traditional systems of medicine with modern science and technology.

  • 100 % Organic
  • Best Quality & Hygienic Products
  • Ancient Ayurvedic Secrets
  • Quality Tested
  • Pure Ayurveda & Chemical Free
  • Easy to use with modern science and technology

Personal Care...

With years of experience, we are an expert in beauty and personal care. The combination of natural Ayurvedic practices with modern science brings you a range of beauty care products consisting of face care, body care, oral care and hair care for male & female.

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