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About Us – Kadahapola Ayurveda
Call Us: +94 37 22 30064

Kadahapola Ayurveda Dispensary was established at Narammala during the year 1948 concerning that better thought to cure patients. After that this more fully progressed up to residential hospital with conveniences to get residential treatment to the local and foreign patients.

In according to the cause of experience and research would be done after this period distributed and marketed periods types of medicinal drugs and specialize method of treatment for the disease of pile. Convenience are been made to purchase Ayurvedic Medicinal drugs easily from the Ayurvedic Medicinal shops, and expanded to distribute in the island wide to the higher quantity more than 1250 sales representatives to distribute these medicinal drugs.

Our medicinal productions are been existed for the export standard not only to Sri Lanka but also to the many developed countries in the world until to date and developing day today winning the trust of the nation about 73 years from 1948.

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